My top 3 reasons why I attend the HSPI Conference every year

By Jean Ann Larson
President, Jean Ann Larson & Associates

The annual Healthcare Systems Process Improvement (HSPI) Conference always reenergizes me. I have been attending the conference for well over 30 years. (Time flies while you’re having fun!) My first conference was in Atlanta in 1983. I missed a few along the way but I always come back. No matter what my role – management engineer, assistant hospital director, Chief Learning Officer, VP of Clinical Services and Quality and now independent business and change management consultant – I always come away with new ideas and reconnect with old friends and find new colleagues that I can reach out to for advice, collaboration and professional camaraderie.

So what are some of the top reasons that I come back?

  1. To reconnect with the professionals in health care who are dedicated to helping the industry and the dedicated care givers improve their processes and take better care of their patients and clients.
  2. To be inspired by the stories of practitioners who are dedicated to process improvement and are having a major impact upon the healthcare of their communities and regions.  Our work is unique and we must get it right!  Some day we will be the patients or the loved ones of patients and we want to make sure we’ve done our best to help health care organizations provide the very best care.
  3. To learn new concepts and approaches. They say that there really is nothing new under the sun and at times our healthcare challenges and solutions seem cyclical. However, I am always amazed to learn about new uses of technology, new uses of improvement methodologies as well as the creative perspectives that our broad base of attendees bring to their presentations.

What are your top reasons for attending the annual HSPI Conference?

I hope to see you all next year. I would encourage you to volunteer for a committee such as the conference committee and I encourage you to submit an abstract. I for one, want to hear what you are doing and learn from you.

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One Response to My top 3 reasons why I attend the HSPI Conference every year

  1. John L. Templin, Jr. DSHS says:

    I attended for the first time in 1977 and like Jean Ann keep coming back to see long time friends, to keep abreast of latest developments and to give back to the next generation or two of management systems leaders. It also helps to be in a warm location in the middle of an upstate New York winter. Looking forward to returning to Orlando February 18-20, 2015.

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